Student Policies

Children enrolling in Early Preschool must be three years of age by September 1, 2020.  Children enrolling in Preschool must be four or five years of age by September 1, 2020.  All children must be toilet trained.  No diapers or pull-up style training pants are allowed.

It is required by Central District Health Department that Harmony Preschool have a copy of your child's immunizations.  If your child’s pediatrician practices in Idaho, Harmony can access your child’s immunization records through the state’s online immunization information system. If you are moving to Idaho from out of state, please provide Harmony with a copy of your child’s immunization record. If you have chosen to not immunize, please contact Michelle Hutchings.    

Drop Off/Pick Up
The driveway can hold up to 6 cars.  Please walk with your child on the driveway, as cars will not see little preschoolers.  Because we do not have a school bell, please wait with your child outside if you are a little early.  The teachers need their prep times.  We will open the door to start class time.  

Unless you have an appointment and need to pick up your child early, please wait outside for us to come out at the end of the school day.  We will have the children sit on the benches in the front of the school.  You can remind your child that you will walk up to get them.  We will not let them run to your car.  There is a late pickup fee of $10.00 after the first 10 minutes and $1.00 for every minute after 10 minutes. 

When your child's name is on the calendar, he or she brings a snack.  Providing drinks is optional.  The children enjoy sharing a snack they have brought from home.  Any allergies specific to your child's class will be announced at Orientation Meetings.  Your child also brings a share on the day he or she brings snacks.  No weapons for share, please.

The preschool day closest to your child's birthday will be the day we celebrate.  Your child will get to bring the snack on that day.  Treats like cookies, cookie bars, or brownies are easier than cupcakes for preschoolers to eat.  Please no cakes to cut.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated in May. Birthday invitations for birthday parties will NOT be passed out at preschool if there is not an invitation for each preschooler in the class.  These invitations can be delivered to homes rather than at school.

Be sure clothing and shoes are geared to action and activity.  Preschool is full of sensory experiences (painting, playing with shaving cream, making mud pies) and, although we will use art smocks, your child may come home a little dirty.  Just remember, if they are dirty, they had fun!  If your child accidentally spills on his or her clothes and needs to change, we will have a change of clothing for the child to wear the rest of the school day.  Please take this change of clothes, wash it, and return it to the preschool.

Book Orders
Scholastic book orders will come home with your child in September, November, February, and April.  Make checks payable to Scholastic Book Orders- not Harmony.   Books should arrive within 3 weeks or less.  Children are not required to order books. 

The first tuition payment is due June 1st, 2019.  All remaining tuition payments are due by the 10th of the month, September through April. There will be a reminder sign on the door.  Payment options are available at Tuition is as follows:

3 times a week (Preschool) $170
2 times a week (Early Preschool) $125

There will NOT be refunds for absences due to illness or vacations.  Because we are not a daycare, you are paying for a spot in a class, not an hourly rate as you would at a day care.  There are some months when we hold many preschool days and other months that have less preschool days.  I have considered the option of charging by the number of days at the school per month, but this would be a lot of administrative work to change the tuition rate each month.  In the end, it is easier to average the fee between 9 months and pay the same amount each month.  Please be understanding of this. 

There is a $25.00 late fee charged on any unpaid balance after the tenth of each month.  There is a $25.00 returned check fee.

Field Trips
Four-year-olds will go on field trips in October, February and end of April/beginning of May.  The four-year-olds also have a Christmas Music Program at a different location in the month of December.  Three-year-olds will go on a field trip in October and end of April/beginning of May.  Harmony does not own a bus and must rely on parent involvement for transportation to field trip locations.  Field trips are wonderful opportunities to share fun experiences with your preschooler.  

Discipline Policy
There may be a time when a child will have trouble controlling his or her emotions or behaviors.  If this occurs, we will first help the child identify the problem by understanding the child.  We will then discuss a solution with the child. It may also be necessary to redirect his/her attention to a different activity.  The use of physical punishment is strictly prohibited.  If problems persist, parents will be contacted.  Some children may misbehave due to illness, being over tired, or some event happening in the home.  Please let us know if any big changes or problems are occurring at home which may affect your child at school so we can be understanding of the situation.

Picture Policy
We will photograph your child for art projects, scrapbooks, and room display.  Some teachers may choose to send home classroom books with your child's picture in the book.  

Please take this policy seriously!  Preschoolers spread germs very easily.  DO NOT bring your child to preschool when they are showing any of the following symptoms:  

Fever over 99.5 degrees, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Conjunctivitis (pink eye), Unusual skin rash, Unusually deep cough, Green mucus running from nose.  Your child needs to be free of these symptoms for 24 hours before returning to preschool.  Your child needs to be on antibiotics for 48 hours for pink eye before returning.  Notify Michelle if your child develops chicken pox, head lice, pink eye, impetigo, or any other serious illness that may be contagious.  In the event of an illness, your child will be placed in a comfortable, safe waiting room to prevent spreading of the illness.  The parent will be notified immediately to pick up the child. 

There may be a rare occurrence where a teacher becomes ill or experiences an emergency and cannot make it to the school on short notice.  School for that day will need to be cancelled.  This has only happened one time in the last 11 years, so the likelihood of this is very small.  

Toys from home need to stay at home unless it is part of your child’s share.  A preschooler is very sad when his or her toy is left at preschool.  Commonly lost items at the preschool include: bracelets/necklaces, lego people, and lip gloss.  Please consider leaving jewelry at home.

Harmony will not call your home if your child is absent.  Michelle will call your home if your child has missed a full week of school and you have not called to let us know the reasons.  

Drop Out Policy
A 30-day notice must be given to drop your child from preschool.  During that 30 days, you must still pay tuition.  This allows time for Harmony to find another student to fill the spot we have reserved for your child.

Harmony Preschool reserves the rights to deny ongoing enrollment at our preschool if at any time there is an issue that the school feels requires removal of a student.  Registration fees and tuition for the month will be reimbursed at a pro-rated amount.  May tuition will be reimbursed.  

Weather Cancellations
In the event of inclement weather, school cancellations will coincide with the Meridian School District.  If preschool is cancelled due to weather conditions, a message will be posted on the website,, and an email will be sent out. 

West Ada Early Release Days
Harmony Preschool holds normal preschool class start and end times on the days that the West Ada School District is holding an early release. 

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to ask your child's teacher or Michelle Hutchings.  The preschool's telephone hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00-12:00.   Please leave a message if we do not answer the telephone; we must be busy helping in a classroom.  All phone numbers will be given out at orientation meetings.  If there is an emergency, you may call me any time.

We are always happy to meet with parents to discuss any issues or concerns you have about your child or things at school.  We do request that you call or email outside of class time.  When classes are starting or ending the teachers must focus on the class.  We also believe that it is better to talk about issues when your child is not present.